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The Bulletin is the Society's newsletter. It is produced every second month, with the first Bulletin produced in January 1986. It provides an overview of Society activities, growing tips and other orchid matters.

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Bulletins from 2015

Vol 39 No 2
Mar - Apr 2024
Presentation on Orchids at the National Herbarium (Zoe Groeneveld), Options for labelling your orchids (Brian Dear, Jane Wright, Karen Groeneveld), minutes of February meeting
Vol 39 No 1
Jan - Feb 2024
Presentation on Growing Orchids without a Greenhouse (Mike Pieloor et al), report on the Christmas party, meeting topics survey, minutes of November meeting.
Vol 38 No 6
Nov - Dec 2023
Reports on our 2023 Spring Show and the South and West Regional Show at Cobargo, presentation on Dendrobium section Rhizobium by Callyn Farrell, minutes of September and October meetings
Vol 38 No 5
Sep - Oct 2023
Identify and Prevent Virus in Your Orchid Collection presentation by Mike Pieloor, 6 easy to grow Orchids presentation by Jan Robinson, spinebill and Coelandria phlox photos Mark Clements, minutes of July and August Meetings, Supplement Celebrating 40 Years
Vol 38 No 4
Jul - Aug 2023
Minutes of Annual General Meeting, May and June meetings,
Bulletin Audited accounts
Vol 38 No 3
May - Jun 2023
Growing a Mixed Collection presentation by Michael Coker, minutes of March and April meetings.
Vol 38 No 2
Mar - Apr 2023
Orchids and Other Adventures in Ecuador presentation by Jane Wright and Mark Clements, minutes of February meeting.
Vol 38 No 1
Jan - Feb 2023
Digging the Legal Dirt presentation by Mike Pieloor,society results at the Southern Orchid Spectacular, minutes of November meeting.
Vol 37 No 6
Nov - Dec 2022
Show results, minutes of September and October meetings, Dendrobium Brimbank Digger (Richard Mayoh), Cymbidium Mary Mackillop x (pebbles x Peggy Foo) (Jacqui Turner), Thelychiton tetragonum Urunga (Bill Ferris).
Vol 37 No 5
Sept - Oct 2022
Show information, stanhopea presentation (Karen Groeneveld), Australia Amazing Orchids (Peter Coyne), Bulbophyllum lepantense and Mediocalcar decoratum (Karen and Zoe Groeneveld), Angraecum Veitchii and Renanthera bella x Rhynchostylis gigantea (Andrea Robold), Gastrophaius Microburst (Jane Wright), Isabelia pulchella (Bill Ferris)
Vol 37 No 4
July - Aug 2022
Annual General Meeting, Conservation Group report (Derek Corrigan), minutes of May and June meetings, Lycaste presentation (John Allen), Corysanthes hispida (David Judge), Stenoglottis (Karen and Zoe Groeneveld), Maxillaria kautskyi (Andrea Robold)
Bulletin Accounts for 2021-22
Vol 37 No 3
May - Jun 2022
Conservation report (Derek Corrigan), minutes of March and April meetings, Growing Miltoniopsis (Craig Miles), COVID Orchid Experiments (Jan Robinson), Epidendrum porpax (Karen and Zoe Groeneveld), Dendrobium hekouense (Mark Clements), Miltoniopsis Lillian Nakamoto 'Tanto' (Jane Wright), Procatavola Golden Peacock (Andrea Robold), Catasetum lucis 'Sv' x Cts John C Burdhette 'Ursa' (Andrea Robold), Phalaenopsis (Nick Westerink), Vandoglossum Furuse (Tony Tritchler), Paphiopedilum charlesworthii (David Judge), Gomesa radicans (Bill Ferris)
Vol 37 No 2
Mar - Apr 2022
Trichocentrum pumilum (Bill Ferris), Paphiopedilum Hung Sheng Eagle (Mike Pieloor), Conservation report (Derek Corrigan), minutes of February meeting.
Vol 37 No 1
Jan - Feb 2022
Newly named orchids at KEW, Sobralia Veitchii (Mark Fraser), minutes of November and December meetings. Bulletin
Vol 36 No 6
Nov - Dec 2021
2021 Show results, minutes of September and October meetings. Bulletin
Vol 36 No 5
Sept - Oct 2021
Presentations on CAM in Orchids part 2 (Ben Wallace) and The Golden Age of Orchid Hunting (Geoff Dyne), Fungi Hunter discovers new Orchid (Geoff Dyne) and Keeping Track of Conditions in your Growing Space (Jane Wright). Bulletin
Vol 36 No 4
July - Aug 2021
Minutes of AGM, May and June general meetings. Presentations on Bulbophyllums (Mark Clements), CAM in Orchids (Ben Wallace). Bulletin Audit report
Auditted accounts
Vol 36 No 3
May - June 2021
Information for the AGM, Conservation Report including interesting discoveries in Namadgi (Derek Corrigan), growing Cattleyas (Rob Rough), Pleurothallids (Jane Wright) Bulletin
Vol 36 No 2
Mar - Apr 2021
Conservation Report (Derek Corrigan), Vandachostylis Blue Fairy x Vanda falcata (Rob Rough), Brassidium Golden Gamine "White Knight" (Nick Westerink) Bulletin
Vol 36 No 1
Jan - Feb 2021
Underground Orchid (Craig Allen), Conservation Report (Derek Corrigan), Paphiopedilum Bel Royale "Memoria Terry Turner" (David Judge) Bulletin, Supplement
Vol 35 No 6
Nov - Dec 2020
Show results, David Brooks presentation on Cymbidiums, Derek Corrigan's report on conservation Bulletin
Vol 35 No 5
Sept - Oct 2020
Robyn Noel and Jane Robinson's trip to the Taiwan International Orchid Show and International Orchid Congress, Craig Allen on growing phalaenopsis indoors, Derek Corrigan and Karen Groeneveld update on conservation in Namadji following the bushfires. Bulletin
Vol 35 No 4
July - Aug 2020
Minutes of AGM, Jane Wright's presentation on How to Label your Plants, and article Why won't My Cymbidiums Flower Bulletin
Vol 35 No 3
May - June 2020
Ben Walcott on growing Oncidiums, Derek Corrigan's Conservation Corner, Peter Coyne on local orchids on the brink, Mike Peiloor note on Diplodium obtusum and an orchid rediscovered. Bulletin
Vol 35 No 2
Mar - Apr 2020
Minutes of February meeting Bulletin
Vol 35 No 1
Jan - Feb 2020
Electronic voting for popular vote, meeting talks on growing zypopetalums and orchid health Bulletin
Vol 34 No 6
Nov - Dec 2019
Results from our 2019 Show and the South and West regional Show, October meeting talks on growing phalaenopsis, cymbidiums and natives Bulletin
Vol 34 No 5
Sept - Oct 2019
Show information, Derek Corrigan on a role for the society in orchid conservation, Mike Pierloor on growing orchids in inorganic media. Bulletin
Vol 34 No 4
July - Aug 2019
Minutes 2019 AGM, presentations by Geoff Dyne on Darwin and his study of orchids, Lynne and Brian Phelan on the Eric Young Foundation on the island of Jersey. Bulletin
Vol 34 No 3
May - June 2019
Australian Orchid Hybrid of the Year grown by David Judge, Andrea Robold and Scott Mann on Growing orchids without a greenhouse and Jane Wright on managing orchids in winter Bulletin
Vol 34 No 2
Mar - Apr 2019
Ben Wallace on Vanda coerulea, Peter and Jane D'Olier presentation on orchids in the highlands of Papua New Guinea Bulletin
Vol 34 No 1
Jan - Feb 2019
Miniature glasshouses and Lepanthopsis by Jim Prydie; Peter Coyne on native terrestrial orchids; Bill Ferris on Australian thelychitons and dockrillias; Karen Groeneveld on Epigenium treacherianum and Durabaculum undulatum. Bulletin
Vol 33 No 6
Nov - Decr 2018
Show report and results; Mike Pieloor on growing Cypripedium formosanum; Jane Wright and Robyn Noel report on AOCC2018; Jane Wright on growing phalaenopsis Bulletin
Vol 33 No 5
Sept - Oct 2018
Information on our show in September; Lynne Phelan article on propagating cymbidiums; South Pacific Hydroponics presentation on orchid growing supplies; Wayne Turville presentations on setting up an orchid nursery, wild native epiphytes and hybridisation of Australian native orchids; AOCC2018 results of Canberra society members. Bulletin
Vol 33 No 4
July - Aug 2018
Peter Stubbs presentation on Coelogynes, growing Cattleya Porcia by Ben Wallace, and Fredclarkeara Midnight Sky by Karen Groeneveld, orchids in Canberra winter including presentation on heating and heaters by Jane Wright, AGM minutes Bulletin
Vol 33 No 3
May - June 2018
Brian Phelan presentation on odontoglossums, Mark Clements presentation on recent discoveries and updates on Australian orchids Bulletin
Vol 33 No 2
Mar - Apr 2018
Jane Wright and Robyn Noel presentation on the 22nd World Orchid Conference Bulletin
Vol 33 No 1
Jan - Feb 2018
Scott Barrie presentation on breeding Sarcochilus, results of Survey of members preferences Bulletin
Vol 32 No 6
Nov - Dec 2017
Show report, South and West Regional Show results, Mark Fraser presentation on China tour, Growing cymbidiums, dendrobiums and phalaenopsis, show results Bulletin
2017 Show
Vol 32 No 5
Sep - Oct 2017
Mike Pieloor presentation on terrestrial orchids, Scott Mann presentation on Chinese cymbidiums, minutes of the AGM, accounts 2016-17 Bulletin Accounts
Vol 32 No 4
Jul - Aug 2017
Indonesia Orchid lovers Society, Mark Clement's presentation on orchids in central Australia, Geoff Dyne's presentation on miniature orchids, listing of library books.Bulletin
Vol 32 No 3
May - Jun 2017
Report on March Workshop, Jane Wright presentation on Catasetinae, Travis Milton presentation on native dendrobium hybrids, Autumn Horticultural Society Show results for orchids.Bulletin
Vol 32 No 2
Mar - Apr 2017
Paphiopedilums (David Judge and Jane Wright), introduction to Catasetinae (Jane Wight.) Bulletin
Vol 32 No 1
Jan - Feb 2017
Jane Wright and Ben Walcott presentation on Oncidiums Bulletin
Vol 31 No 6
Nov - Dec 2016
Mark Fraser talk on orchids in Japan, information on 2017 Workshop, results of Southern Orchid Spectacular. Bulletin Show results
Vol 31 No 5
Sep - Oct 2016
Growing orchids on mounts, Ben Wallace on orchids in Singapore. Bulletin
Vol 31 No 4
Jul - Aug 2016
Minutes AGM, May discussion of greenhouses, 2015-16 auditted accounts Bulletin Accounts
Vol 31 No 3
May - Jun 2016
Presentation by Noushka Reiter on breeding of endangered native terrestrials, Alan Stephenson on orchid conservation Bulletin
Vol 31 No 2
Mar - Apr 2016
Presentation by Ben Wallace on Western Yunnan, China Bulletin
Vol 31 No 1
Jan - Feb 2016
Presentation by Jasmyn Lynch Bulletin
Vol 30 No 6
Nov - Dec 2015
Canberra Nature Map, 2015 show results Bulletin
2015 Show
Vol 30 No 5
Sep - Oct 2015
Presentations on What we do and don't know about Australian native orchids (Mark Clements) and Bhutan (David Judge), show arrangements. Bulletin
Vol 30 No 4
Jul - Aug 2015
AGM minutes, presentation on Drakea orchids by Ryan Phillips, auditted accounts for 2014-15 Bulletin
Vol 30 No 3
May - Jun 2015
Minutes of March, April meetings, cultural notes on rupicolous cattleyas, AGM meeting matters. Bulletin
Vol 30 No 2
Mar - Apr 2015
Minutes of February meetings, deflasking (Mark Fraser), Mark Clements presentation on Orchids in Europe. Bulletin
Vol 30 No 1
Jan - Feb 2015
Minutes of November meeting, part 2 of Ben Wallace presentation on Borneo. Bulletin

Karen Groeneveld's report on the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand Forum on the State of Native Plants in the ACT 20 August. Report

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Bulletins from 2010 to 2014

Edition/DateFeaturesView File
Vol 29 No 6
Nov - Dec 2014
Minutes of September and October meetings, Karen Groeneveld's report on the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand Forum on the State of Native Plants in the ACT 20 August, Show results. Bulletin
Show results
Vol 29 No 5
Sep - Oct 2014
Minutes of July, August meetings, Genevieve Wright's presentation on flora conservation, show preparation. Bulletin
Vol 29 No 4
Jul - Aug 2014
Minutes of AGM,May and June meetings, M Clements and C Allen talk on Nepal, Neville Roper talk on dockrillias, auditted accounts. Bulletin
Inc-Expend 13-14
Vol 29 No 3
May - Jun 2014
Annual General Meeting matters, Jim Brydie article on using algaecides to control moss, algae and bacteria in orchids, minutes of March and April meetings Bulletin
Vol 29 No 2
Mar - Apr 2014
Note on OrchidWiz, Karen Groenevelds presentation on orchids in Europe Bulletin
Vol 29 No 1
Jan - Feb 2014
Orchid categories for March Hort Show, repotting workshop Bulletin
Vol 28 No 6
Nov - Dec 2013
2013 Show results Bulletin
Vol 28 No 5
Sep - Oct 2013
Information on the South and West regional Show and Conference, Gary Hart's presentation on paphiopedilums, Joan Robinson's trek to Cape York Bulletin
Vol 28 No 4
Jul - Aug 2013
AGM minutes, Making Babies - presentation by Neville Roper to May meeting, Orchids as Houseplants: Culture, History and Cultivation - Mark Fraser presentation to June meeting, Auditted accounts, requests for help at our show. Bulletin
Inc-Expend 12-13 Assets-Liabilities
Vol 28 No 3
May - Jun 2013
Mark Clement's presentation on orchids of south-west Western Australia, Ken Siew's presentation on Orchid adventures in South America, article on Phalaenopsis equestris (Jim Cootes and George Tiong).
AGM, membership fees and call for nominations for committee and office bearers.
Vol 28 No 2
Mar - Apr 2013
Nita Wheeler talk on growing terrestrials, expanded clay balls as a growing medium (Karen Groeneveld) Bulletin
Vol 28 No 1
Jan - Feb 2013
Dennis Diehm talk on cattleyas, Autumn Horticultural Society Show orchid categories Bulletin
Vol 27 No 6
Nov - Dec 2012
Spring Show results, Jim Brydie presentation on restrepias. Bulletin
Show Champions
Vol 27 No 5
Sep - Oct 2012
Spring Show arrangements, Chelsea Flower Show (Ben Walcott), Maxillarias (Geoff Dyne), Sophro hybrid (John Ryan) and Dendrobium Essie Banks (Bob Bush). Bulletin
Vol 27 No 4
Jul - Aug 2012
Cymbidiums (Lance Sanders), Bulbophyllum rothschildianum (Karen Groeneveld) Flora of Norfolk Island (Peter Coyne), orchids of Bulahdelah (Zoe Groeneveld) Bulletin
Accounts 2011-12
Vol 27 No 3
May - Jun 2012
Don Chesher on Coelogyne 'Lyme Bay', Mark Fraser on growing phalaenopsis and Richard Phillips on growing cymbidiums Bulletin
Vol 27 No 2
March - April 2012
Karen Groeneveld's talk on the Vietnam trip, how to make an inline fertilising wand Bulletin
Vol 27 No 1
Jan - Feb 2012
Results of Orchids section Sept and Oct Hort Society Shows, deflasking (John Ryan) Bulletin
Vol 26 No 6
Nov - Dec 2011
Show results, 2010-11 accounts Bulletin
Show results
Show Champions
Bal Sheet
Inc Expend
Vol 26 No 5
Sep - Oct 2011
Information for our Show; potting mixes and media (John Ryan) Bulletin
Vol 26 No 4
Jul - Aug 2011
Kevin Dawes presentation on dendrochilums, minutes of AGM Bulletin
Vol 26 No 3
May - Jun 2011
AGM, membership fees and call for nominations for committee and office bearers. Minutes of 2010 AGM. Gary Backhouse's talk on draculas, Ben Wallace's talk on CAM Bulletin
Vol 26 No 2
Mar - Apr 2011
Ray Clements address to the February meeting. Bulletin
Vol 26 No 1
Jan - Feb 2011
Maintaining humidity using hydroponic plant trays (John Ryan), Helens Richards talk on growing native terrestrials (November meeting). Bulletin
Vol 25 No 6
Nov - Dec 2010
Results of Canberra Spring Show, Cronulla Show, Ben Wallace's talk to September meeting and Wayne Turville's talk at October meeting Bulletin
Vol 25 No 5
Sep - Oct 2010
Geoff Dyne on orchids of tropical Queensland,Ben Walcott on growing cymbidiums, show information, auditted accounts 2009-10 Bulletin
Bal sheet
Vol 25 No 4
Jul - Aug 2010
Neville Roper on growing sarcochilus, Kevin Dawes West Australian trip Bulletin
Vol 25 No 3
May - June 2010
Rob Roughs tips on orchid growing Bulletin
Vol 25 No 2
Mar - Apr 2010
Preparing for our next book, presentations by Mike Harrison and David Banks to the February meeting Bulletin
Vol 25 No 1
Jan - Feb 2010
Craig Allens talk on Border Ranges National Park, information on 6,7 March Hort Show and results of Sep 2009 Hort Show Bulletin

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Bulletins from 2005 to 2009

Edition/DateFeaturesView File
Vol 24 No 6
Nov - Dec 2009
Show results, Mark Frasers talk on bulbophyllums, South West Regional show results Bulletin
Vol 24 No 5
Sep - Oct 2009
Primer for the show, deflasking by John Ryan, Yunnan '10 trip with Ben Wallace, summary of Don Cheshers presentation on coelogynes Bulletin
Vol 24 No 4
Jul - Aug 2009
Annual general meeting, notes on Mark Clement's presentation on splitters and lumpers and Scott Mann's talk on Chinese cymbidiums
Vol 24 No 3
May - Jun 2009
Submission to ANBG Management Plan, In the Glasshouse (John Ryan), Using Beer on orchids (Nita Wheeler), tough Canaliculatums (Bill Ferris)
Vol 24 No 2
Mar - Apr 2009
Information on the Future of the National Botanical Gardens Forum, Tathra Workshop, new members workshop and the March Horticultural Society show
Vol 24 No 1
Jan - Feb 2009
Information on Tathra Workshop, new members workshop and the March Horticultural Society show
Vol 23 No 6
Nov - Dec 2008
Results of the Spring Show, report on September and October meetings
Vol 23 No 5
Sep - Oct 2008
Information for the Spring Show, report on July and August meetings
Vol 23 No 4
Jul - Aug 2008
Past Presidents comments, Sam Tsui visit, article on need for competitive shows
Vol 23 No 3
May - Jun 2008
Notice of AGM, election of office bearers, possible bus trip to Peats Ridge and Mingara
Vol 23 No 2
Mar - Apr 2008
March Workshop, March Horticultural Society Show.
Vol 23 No 1
Jan - Feb 2008
Upcoming workshop, developments at the Australian National Botanic Gardens, Horticultural Society shows in 2008. Note: there are three files for this edition.
Popular vote
Vol 22 No 6
Nov - Dec 2007
Mark Clements talk on a Malaysian Singapore Orchid Tour, Scott Manns talk on orchids in the Philippines, South and West Regional Show, and our show.
Vol 22 No 5
Sep - Oct 2007
Information on the 2007 Show. Summary of Rod Peakall's presentation on sexual mimicry of insects by orchids at the August meeting.
Vol 22 No 4
Jul - Aug 2007
Summary of discussion on growing tips at May meeting. Summary of Brian Phelan's tips on growing odontoglossums at the June meeting
Vol 22 No 3
May - Jun 2007
March meeting address by Graham Morris of Valley Orchids on orchids in China
April meeting address by Rob Giles on growing paphiopedilums in cool climates
Vol 22 No 2
Mar - Apr 2007
South Coast 2 day workshop and ACT Horticultural shows. Bulletin
Vol 22 No 1
Jan - Feb 2007
Talk by Trevor Hughes on growing cymbidiums, article on allelopathy in orchids by Mike Meads. Bulletin
Vol 21 No 6
Nov - Dec 2006
Results of our 2006 Spring Show, talk by Anne Mackenzie on orchid viruses, Jane Wright on the PAR meter and Canberra successes at the Cronulla show. Bulletin
Vol 21 No 5
Sept - Oct 2006
Information for the 2006 Spring Show. Bulletin
Vol 21 No 4
July - Aug 2006
Presentations by Don Chesher on coelogynes and Clive Halls on masdevallias and the AGM. Bulletin
Vol 21 No 3
May-June 2006
Information for the Annual General meeting. Bulletin
Vol 21 No 2
Mar-Apr 2006
Information on the March Horticultural Show. Bulletin
Vol 21 No 1
Jan-Feb 2006
Notes on presentations by Trevor Hughes on cymbidiums (Nov meeting) and Murray Shergold (Dec meeting). Bulletin
Vol 20 No 6
Nov-Dec 2005
David Judge on growing paphiopedilums and detailed results from 2005 Show Bulletin
Vol 20 No 5
Sep-Oct 2005
Information on the Society's 2005 Show and audited accounts Bulletin
Vol 20 No 4
Jul-Aug 2005
Information Bulletin
Vol 20 No 3
May-Jun 2005
Information Bulletin
Vol 20 No 2
Mar-Apr 2005
Information Bulletin
Vol 20 No 1
Jan-Feb 2005
Information Bulletin
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